Year 2000
  Paul-Son Gaming Supplies Year 2000 Compliance Statement
Due to the many requests for Y2K compliance statements we have posted the following information. This data will be kept up to date during every phase of our Year 2000 compliance plan.

Paul-Son Gaming Supplies is pleased to report that we are well underway with our Year 2000 compliance efforts. What follows is a brief description and status report of our progress.
  Paul-Son Gaming Supplies Year 2000 Compliance Program Overview
      Every Company in every industry is facing the highly publicized challenge of ensuring that its business systems will continue to operate as intended on January 1, 2000 and beyond. To address this issue, Paul-son Gaming Supplies has formed a Year 2000 Compliance Progam. The Paul-Son Year 2000 Program mission is to transition Paul-Son applications, computing infrastructure, facilities, and business functionality successfully into the new millennium. The Program is composed of four areas: Assessment, Renovation, Testing, Customer / Supplier Compliance. The Year 2000 Program has the following objectives: 1) To ensure all internal computer systems will function correctly in the year 2000; 2) To ensure data exchanged with external organizations (service bureaus, information providers) conforms to Year 2000 standards; and 3) To fulfill Paul-Son's regulatory responsibilities.
      The fundamental strategy for Paul-Son's Year 2000 program is decentralized business line execution with centralized oversight and reporting. Essential to this strategy are formal policies and procedures; reporting and communications mechanisms; participation of senior management; and affective governance provided by the Year 2000 Program Manager.
      The Year 2000 Core Team has developed an inventory of all Paul-Son systems and assesssed the business priority of each system. These systems were classified by mission criticality and a determination was made to either replace, remediate, or recertify the system depending on importance. The Team established policies and procedures for detailed tracking and analysis of each business system's remediation, replacement, or re-certification progress.
      During 1998 and 1999, the Program focus will be remediation and testing of internal systems; external and industry-wide testing; contingency planning; and specific communications programs for internal and external constituents. Significant efforts will be directed toward developing and implementing a rigorous Customer / Supplier Compliance Program. This Program is designed to include a strong education and awareness campaign and assessments and/or reports of Customer / Supplier Year 2000 readiness.
      Thank you for your concern regarding our Year 2000 issues.
Successful identification of equipment and systems with possible compliance issues has been completed at all locations throughout the US. This operation was completed within the time allotted and yielded the expected results.
Renovation is the next phase in our Year 2000 Program. All US locations are undergoing any necessary renovation. The following are major systems being addressed.
  • Information Systems
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • Communications
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportaion
Currently nearly all available resources for our Year 2000 program have been directed to renovating our systems. We are working closely with our service providers to ensure every aspect of our systems has been covered.
We plan to continue testing until the new millenium arrives. Any possibilities of failure encountered will be remediated and/or prepared for. Contingency plans will be generated to handle from worst to minor case scenarios.
  Customer / Supplier Compliance
We have acquired a large collection of our suppliers Y2K statements and are evaluating their programs and actions toward Year 2000 compliance. We have received very positive results working with our suppliers and service providers, discovering that many are already in the final stages of their own compliance programs. We will be sending copies of our program overview to many of our customers in the next few months, and to those who took the time to send a request, we are responding as fast as we can.

  The MIS Department here at Paul-Son has done extensive research into Y2K issues and is confident that the measures we are taking are satisfactory and in many ways go far beyond tolerable procedures. This is a top priority at Paul-Son Gaming and we intend to do everything we can to eliminate any doubt of non-compliance.

Again thank you for your concern regarding our Year 2000 issues. Please direct any questions to:

Dan Omer
MIS Manager

  Updated 11/13/1998