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  The Paul-Son Roulette Wheel is the end result of extensive research. Design, performance and aesthetic appearance were the driving forces behind our final product, which incorporates some very attractive and durable features.
  Incorporating safety features throughout, Paul-Son has included the use of such non-ferrous metals such as solid brass, stress relieved aluminum and stainless steel to prevent the possibility of magnetization in a wheel. Using the latest Computer Numerical Control (C.N.C.) guided equipment, tolerances achieved are within 2000th of an inch (Imperial). The separator ring, machined from solid brass, was designed with a lower separator height. Being machined as one piece, eliminates the chance of separators working loose or being tampered with, will surely give the casino operator peace of mind and years of trouble-free operation.
  With casinos following a theme design throughout, your wheels can now match the casino decor. With unlimited color and wood combinations, the only limit is your imagination. Another avenue which is currently being pursued is that of graphically designed artwork on a wheel. If there is an idea you have in mind, Paul-Son's award winning art department can transfer your idea onto the wheel and into a finished product.
  Having the ability to manufacture roulette wheels at our facility allows us the opportunity to experiment with any idea you may have. Everything from graphic artwork, complete transparency and custom fabricated turrets. With creativity like this, we are sure to produce a unique item specifically built for your casino property.