Year 2000
  Paul-Son's Draw Poker

Paul-Son Gaming Corporation announced that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Pit Six Gaming, L.L.C. of Nevada, to be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the new interactive casino table game developed by Pit Six, "Paulson's Draw Poker". This table game has been approved by the gaming commissions of Nevada and Mississippi. Paulson's Draw Poker has been successfully introduced to casino patrons at the Ojibwa and Leelanau Native American casinos in Michigan and the Monte Carlo Casino Cruiser in Pompano Beach, Florida. Paul-Son plans to distribute the game in Nevada, Mississippi, Canada and other Native American casinos within the next six months.

The game is designed to be played by up to five players at a time, on a table approximately the size of a blackjack table, but players do not play against the dealer or other players. A player selects which one of three games will be played in that round, choosing either Regular Poker, Joker Wild or Deuces Wild. Paulson's Draw Poker is the only game in the industry that permits players to draw up to five new cards. Players will also receive additional pay outs for original 5 card bonus hands. If a player does not have a bonus hand then they may discard and draw up to five new cards. Players try to make the best hand possible and check the pay table to see how much they have won.

The game also incorporates a unique feature called "Share the Wealth". When any player is dealt a 'Royal Flush' (original 5 cards/no wilds), each player that wagered a bet and a $1.00 ante will receive $2,000 just for being there. This extra bonus award is in addition to any regular pay outs. The "Share the Wealth" jackpot adds to the excitement and interactivity of the game and is sure to be a hit with the players.

With public demand for new table games at an all time high, this new game will provide more excitement, more variations and more pay out possibilities than conventional table games.

Paul-Son Gaming Corporation also announced the creation of a New Games Division. The goals of this new division will be twofold. The first goal is to ensure that the new game, "Paulson's Draw Poker" receives the full time attention a project like this will need. The second goal will be to direct all new game ideas to this division to be considered and analyzed.

Tom Delaney and Bennett Wilgard will be in charge of the New Games Division. They bring along with them almost 40 years of casino gaming experience. All questions about Paulson's Draw Poker or new games will go through them.