Year 2000
  Paul-Son was founded in 1963 by its current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Paul S. Endy, Jr. and initially manufactured and sold dice to casinos in Las Vegas. In the more than 30 years since its founding, the Company has expanded its product offerings and, as the industry has expanded and gaming has been legalized in other jurisdictions, so have its customer and geographic bases. As a result of this growth, the Company now offers a full line of table game products.
  As a full-service supplier, Paul-Son manufacturers products to meet particular customer and industry specifications, which may include a range of sizes, varied color schemes and other graphics, and security and anti-counterfeit features. The useful lives of the Company's products typically range from several hours in the case of playing cards and dice, to several months in the case of layouts, and several years in the case of casino chips and gaming furniture. As such, the Company's core business is the ongoing replacement sale of these products. When a new casino opens, the Company strives to supply most of the products required to operate the casino's table games, frequently on a sole-supplier basis. When successful, revenues are generated both from the initial sale to the new casino and on a continuous basis, as the new casino becomes part of the Company's core customer base.