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  The Company sells a variety of casino gaming furniture, including tables, seating and roulette and Big Six wheels. Tables range in price from $1,000 for a blackjack table to $15,000 for a double roulette table and wheel. The Company offers a "Premier" line of gaming furniture which has been the staple of the Company, and a "Select" line which was developed in 1995 in response to the industry's demand for a lower priced, quality line of blackjack tables. Management believes that the "Select" line enables the Company to compete with the price structure of its competitors while maintaining Company quality standards. Paul-Son vigorously pursues gaming table sales because the sale of a gaming table will generally bolster its ability to sell consumable products such as layouts, dice, chips, cards, and other accessories to the table purchasers. The Company buys its tables in unassembled form from quality wood shops. Tables are then assembled by the Company and completed by adding the felt layout, drop boxes, trays and other accessories. Table game seating is produced by non affiliated manufacturers and distributed by the Company. In January 1996, the Company commenced manufacturing its own roulette and Big Six wheels. By manufacturing the wheels, management believes the Company has better control over the quality of the wheels it offers to its customers.