With the public demand for new table games at an all time high, casinos are constantly searching for a practical table game which is exciting and interactive for casino patrons and at the same time profitable for the house. If your lease fees are out of control or your customers are demanding more excitement, variety and interactivity with new table games, then you don't have to look any further. Paulson's Draw Poker is designed to meet these requirements. With Paul-Son's solid reputation throughout the industry, you know we've got a winner.
  The New Games Division at Paul-Son Gaming Supplies, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you "Paulson's Draw Poker".
  Paulson's Draw Poker is the only multi-choice Draw Poker game on the market today. Here is the way the game is played. Each player will have a chance to choose for the table one of the three games to play that round, Deuces Wild, Joker Wild or Regular Poker. When the player receives their original 5 cards, they check the bonus pay table to see if they have a bonus hand. If not, they can discard and draw up to "five" new cards. Then they check the pay table to see how much they win. It's that simple.
  Paulson's Draw Poker has also incorporated a special feature on the game. Whenever a player makes a $1.00 ante bet, not only does the player get additional money for an original 5 casino bonus hand, but they will also be eligible for a special pay out should any player in that round be dealt a Royal Flush (original 5 cards/no wilds). This feature keeps the ante compliance rate at 90%.
    • Paulson's Draw Poker has 3 draw poker games for the casino patron to choose from: JOKER WILD, DEUCES WILD AND DRAW POKER.

    • It's the only game in the industry today where players can draw up to 5 new cards.

    • You'll receive custom quality playing cards printed with your casino logo to use on the game "ABSOLUTELY FREE".

    • Paulson's Draw Poker has an accumulative house advantage of 2.0%.

    • 20% to 25% hold for the house.

    • Bonus percentages are preset for a house return of 40 cents out of every $1.00 ante. The casino may elect to go with a higher or lower bonus percentage return.

    • Share the Wealth Jackpot... This unique concept is incorporated into Paulson's Draw Poker to ensure a high compliance rate with the antes, while at the same time putting the house at no additional risk. This feature is sure to be a success with your casino patrons because of the raised level of excitement and interactivity associated with the Share the Wealth Jackpot (Please see separate Share the Wealth information sheet).

    • No costly shufflers to lease for the game.

    • Paulson's Draw Poker is completely non-electronic (except for light sign). You can place this game anywhere in your casino that you see fit. There are no costly equipment shut downs or malfunctions, no need for service calls, no computer to recalibrate and no burdensome paper work to deal with.

    • 220 hands dealt per hour (approximately 40 rounds per hour).

    • Paulson's Draw Poker is easy to deal, easy to supervise and best of all it is easy for the casino patron to understand.

  • Paulson's Draw Poker is sure to create an environment of fun, excitement, and interactivity in your casino pit.
  Paulson's Draw Poker is officially approved for play by the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Mississippi Gaming Commission. The game is currently being leased in various jurisdictions around the country and the public response has been tremendous. Sound too good to be true? Put us to the test. You'll be glad you did!
  If you want to know more about our new "DEAL", give our New Games Division a call at 1-800-PAULSON and find out all the details.