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  Paul-Son manufactures dice at its San Luis, Mexico facilities from cellulose acetate specifically formulated to provide the required clarity, hardness and dimensional stability. The Company offers a variety of spot designs, which are inserted in the body of the dice and machined flat to the surface. A casino may request the imprinting of its name and logo (in a variety and combination of colors), the insertion of a security "key" onto the reverse side of a particular spot, the addition of a security "glow" spot, the serialization of the dice, or all or a combination of the above.
  Paul-Son dice are manufactured in conformity with the strictest standards of gaming regulators, which require that each die be within 3/10,000th of an inch of a perfect cube. The sales price of casino dice currently ranges between $2.35 and $3.05 per pair. Generally, a set of dice (two and one-half pair) does not remain in play for more than eight hours in a busy casino. The Company currently has the capacity to produce approximately 600,000 pairs of dice per year (based upon one production shift). Casinos typically purchase dice from two or more suppliers.